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An ambitious, passionate and industrious artist with a strong admiration for the fields of design and illustration. Deeply desirous of contributing to the field of art, putting my thoughts and visualizations to the canvas and creating an impact through my art and illustrations.

I have graduated in the field of Arts from Rachna Sansad College of Applied Arts, Mumbai University. I also obtained commercial experience by working for companies like J Walter Thompson (JWT) and Creativeland Asia. I am currently pursuing my MFA in Illustration form Academy of Art University.


The Demon King, Hiranyakashipu

The evil king who considered himself as a supreme God and required people to completely surrender to him. He tortured people who would not follow his order, including his own son.


The goddess of destruction Kali on the battlefield fighting the demon Raktabhij who had the boon to create an army of his replica with each drop of his blood.

Burning of Holika

The Indian folk tale of demoness Holika who had a special cloak garment which prevented her from being burnt by fire. In an attempt to kill prince Prahlad, she sat with him in a pyre of fire. As the fire roared, the garment magically covered the prince and Holika got burned to death.

The Sailor Man

Character portrait representing a modern and vicious sailor - Popey.


Character portrait of the queen of the cobra family.

Queen Luna

Character design of an evil forest queen, Luna. She allures the innocent forest flies in the night time by producing a special nectar and then infests upon them.

The Clown Story

Inside the dressing room of a clown and his troop.

Forest Faeries

Character design of mythical beings found in the form of spirits in the middle of the dense woods.


Book cover for Iliad depicting events during quarrel between King Agamemnon and the warrior Achilles.

Johnny Depp Editorial Illustration

Celebrating Johnny Depp and his unique movie characters.


Vishwakarma , a Hindu God of architecture, who is considered to be the creator of the world. This piece depicts the story of how he created the golden city of Lanka ( now known as Sri Lanka).

Tbasco Campaign

Magazine ad for Tabasco hot sauce. The concept was how Tabasco sauce was being manufactured in hell.


The Hindu God designed as a warrior who is also known as the destroyer of the universe.

Salim Ali

Salim Ali was an Indian ornithologist and naturalist. Sometimes referred to as the "birdman of India", Salim Ali was among the first Indians to conduct systematic bird surveys across India and wrote several bird books that popularised ornithology in India. Several species of birds, a couple of bird sanctuaries and institutions have been named after him. This illustration was done as a cover design for a novel written to celebrate his work and contribution to Indian ornithology.

Material Cubes

A compilation of different material texture rendered digitally.


Mozzarella cheese is traditionally made in Italy, hence even while designing the info-graphics I kept the illustrations very traditional. Also, to give a more Italian feel, I painted the visuals on wood giving it a more authentic vibe and then designed the information on top of it.

Call me by your name

Fan art done for a coming of age romantic movie called Call Me By Your Name. This movie Chronicles a romantic relationship between 17 year old Elio Perlman and 24 year old graduate student assistant Oliver.


For my final year graduation project I had to design an occult cafe. In occult studies, summoning the dead or talking to the dead is one of the most known section. Hence I designed a poster on talking to the dead which can be placed near the telephone booth in the cafe. I tried to keep the illustrations dark and eerie.


For my final year graduation I had to design an Occult cafe. I made a series of illustration including the coaster designs. Each coaster would show different sun signs. As the coasters were for an occult cafe, I gave the sun signs a dark twist.


For my final year graduation project I had to design an occult cafe. The cafe would have a separate section for tarrot card reading. To design this section I illustrated a few tarrot cards and got them stitched on a black cloth. The tarrot reading section would be separated with curtains made of this cloth.


While working at Creativelandasia, I got a chance to work on designing gift cards for Taj Hotels. The designs are inspired by the elegant and intricate architecture of Taj. I tried to restore the heritage feel and yet give it a bit of a modern look. I did these illustrations in collaboration with my senior, Mrs. Eureka Alphonso.



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